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The iPad is hands down the most popular tablet in the market. With the large range of accessories, it’s ability to support keyboards, and a large number of apps available for it, the iPad is a formidable productivity tool. That said, a lot of people treat it like a less useful iPhone reserving it for game play when it can in fact be used to conduct day to day business. iPad at Work for Dummies is an eBook that teaches you just how to start using the device to be more productive on the go. It’s an ebook that costs $16.99 but is available for free to our readers.


iPad at Work for Dummies takes you through the basics of setting up and using the device for work. It has a dedicated chapter to security and how to use your device when you’re travelling. With regards to security, the book goes into detail about how to keep your device secure and covers everything from basic passwords to using VPNs.

What’s even better is that the book discusses the three most popular suite of productivity apps available for the iPad in detail. Apple’s iWorks, Microsoft’s Office Suite, and Google’s Office apps are all discussed in detail with tutorials on basic document creating, editing, and backup.

In addition to a document editing section, iPad at Work for Dummies tells you how to setup and manage your mail and calendar appointments, take notes, send quick messages, remotely access your computer, sync files, give presentations, and participate in conference calls.

What makes iPad at Work for Dummies really stand out though is that the book recommends apps for you to use. Throughout each and every section, you can find recommendations for the best app to do a job. For anyone that’s using an iPad for the first time, these app recommendations are gold. Some of the most popular apps that a new user might not be aware of are highlighted in the book along with how best to use them.

To get this $16.99 ebook for free, visit the link at the end and enter your email.

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