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VPN Watcher – Automatically Close Programs When VPN Connection Is Down PDF Print E-mail

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is used for accessing and using resources of a remote network. It provides the option to enable strict authentication and encryption methods to prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing sensitive information of the network which is being accessed remotely. VPNs are frequently used by remote workers to access dat...

How To Share A Wi-Fi Connection With A System With No Wi-Fi Card [Ubuntu] PDF Print E-mail

Sometimes you may require sharing a wireless internet connection with a computer which has no Wi-Fi adapter. Doing so can become quite tricky as the computer without a Wi-Fi card cannot be connected to a wireless router. In this post we will provide you with a quick tip to explain the procedure to share a wireless internet connection from one Ubunt...

DropboxDiff – Open File Versions For Comparison From Dropbox [Chrome] PDF Print E-mail

Dropbox lets you share files with either a single person or an entire group. You can allow anyone to modify a file in a shared folder, thus making it easier to collaborate on a document. What isn’t as easy is comparing different versions of the same file. DropboxDiff is a Chromeextension that simplifies it. It connects with your desktop file...

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