Xiaomi smartphone sales in 2015 below lowest expectations Share
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Xiaomi smartphone sales in 2015 below lowest expectations

Xiaomi's exorbitant growth was bound to hit a wall at some point and this point was 2015, apparently. Falling short of even the most conservative forecasts, the company has only sold a total of 70 million smartphones, where initial expectation put the number in the 80 to 100 million range. That's still around 15% up from the 61.1 million units Xiaomi sold in 2014, but the growth is nowhere near the 227% the company registered in 2014, or the 160% the year before. However, it was unreasonable to expect the Chinese start-up, established in 2010, to be able to sustain such growth trends for more than a couple of years. The company's expansion to India in 2014 was undoubtedly a key factor in those 227%, but from now on moves to smaller markets with gradual growth in the double digits are perhaps the best the accountants can hope for. Source |...

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