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HTC Bliss ROM With Sense 3.5 NAND SD Now For HD2 PDF Print E-mail

Sense 3.0 was a great improvement on graphics from previous versions. Recently, we saw Sense 3.5 arriving with only some minimal changes.
As the port keeps on making its way through our forums, XDA members boxmax and dungphp have managed to port this to the HTC HD2.

You can get this ROM for SD or NAND but keep in mind that you may find some bugs,...

App Review – Minecraft Pocket Edition – XDA TV PDF Print E-mail

In today’s episode of XDA TV, Sam reviews the new Pocket Edition of Minecraft for the Sony Xperia PLAY. We discover what all the hype is and isn’t about, and eventually jump off a cliff. Click on for the app review!

You can grab Minecraft Pocket Edition in the Android Market for about $7.

How To Install A Honeycomb ROM On HTC Flyer 32Gb PDF Print E-mail

This week has started off rather busy in terms of news for being labour day. And now we have a how-to guide by XDA member globatron, who informed us about this complete guide for installing Android Honeycomb on the HTC Flyer.

According to the source, this guide has only been tested on a Euro WWE 32GB 3G Flyer, but it may work on other...

HTC Bliss Sense 3.5 For HTC Evo 4G PDF Print E-mail

It seems more and more devices are getting the latest version of Sense running. First, the port was completed for the Desire HD and Desire S,  and now thanks to XDA Recognized Developer eVoKINGS, Evo 4G owners can enjoy it too.

This is the first beta version and some bugs are expected. Please be patient and give the devs some time to work out the...

App Review – Gmail Timescape Plugin – XDA TV PDF Print E-mail

In today’s episode of XDA TV, Sam reviews the Gmail plugin for Sony Ericsson’s Timescape widget and app which allows you to check emails within the Timescape IU. It’s a very simple plugin, but might be of great use to those using Sony Ericsson’s Timescape UI. We also uncover a bug on video! Click on!

Here is the market link.

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